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The Internet has been a part of our lives for the past decade. This is the case for dating as well. The Internet has provided dating opportunities to anyone with access to a computer and phone line.

Many people make use of online dating sites to meet new people. It’s about making old friends or acquaintances that can contact over telephone or face-to-face. Dating online is for those who want to meet someone new and exciting.

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But even if an individual is online dating doesn’t guarantee that they are secure. This is because anyone can create an online profile that seems that they are open to a meeting at any time. Anyone who goes to an online dating site to meet a single person is not likely to succeed. Not only is it unlikely that they’ll find that person however, even if they do, they will not share information such as their home address or telephone number with any person they come across online. How do you approach dating online safely and securely?

When you are looking to date online, there are certain things you need to be aware of. Before you begin online dating, ensure that you are not already married. Dating online is a matter of chance; the more chance you have, the less likely you are to meet the right person. The odds of meeting people with the same name online are greater if it’s a common name.

When you’re online and dating, you should also be aware of your online activities. Some online dating sites require that you provide sensitive information such as your address and phone number. This can protect you from unsolicited email and phone calls however, it also puts your security at risk in the event that you divulge sensitive information. In addition, many dating sites will require that you join their in-person chat rooms. It’s a great method to meet people, however, you don’t want to provide too much details about yourself in order to find the right person.

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Από τον δεύτερο δίσκο του JOEY – “Γούστο μου, καπέλο μου” (Άνοιξη 2017)

Στίχοι / Μουσική: JOEY

Hχογράφηση/Μίξη/Mastering: iRec Studios
Sound Engineer: Μάνος Τσελεπής

Συμμετείχε ο:
Δημήτρης Ματζίρης – Τρομπόνι

Photo by: Ζωή Δάφνη Μυλωνά


Αχ και να’ξερε πόσο την θέλω
Μπουρδέλο έχω γίνει πάλι για εκείνη
κι η ζωή μου πατίνι
Με το έτσι και το θέλω κι ουδεμία αφορμή
c’est fini

Mon cheri, Farbala, voulez vous, rendez vous
Bon bon, reveillon, μπλα μπλα μπλα μπλα

Je ne sais pas και τα λοιπά για σένα αγάπη μου γλυκιά
Αν θες μπορώ να σου το πω και στα Ισπανικά

Te quiero mi amor sinorita sinora bonita por favor
Mi corazon mi corazon και το λοιπόν

Me gustas tu κι υπέρ ατού για σένα νύφη τ’ουρανού
Αν θες μπορώ να σου το πω και στ’αγγλικά

I love you, oh yes i do, what could i do
what would i do without you, σκουμπιντουμπιγιαμπανταμπαντου
Ρε μάγκες κάντε ντου

Μα δε γαμιέται, δε γαμιέται
Εγώ την θέλω κι αυτή μ’άλλονε πλαγιάζει
Μα δεν πειράζει, δεν πειράζει
Σιγά μη κάτσω να με φάει το μαράζι

Δε γαμιέται… Κουκου!

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