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Over the past decade in the last decade, the Internet has become a aspect of our daily lives. This holds true for dating. The Internet has provided dating opportunities to anyone with access to a computer and a phone line.

Many people turn to online dating as a way to meet different people. It’s about meeting old acquaintances or friends that can contact over the phone or in person. Online dating is for people who want to meet someone fresh and exciting.

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But, just because an individual is online, it doesn’t guarantee that they are secure. Since anyone can create an online profile that appears to be open to meet at any time This is because anyone can create one. Anyone who goes to an online dating site to meet someone single will not be successful. It’s not only unlikely that they will find that person however, even if they do, they won’t share details like their address or phone number with any person they come across online. How do you meet someone online safely and securely?

If you’re looking to meet someone online, there are things you should be aware of. One of the first things that you need to do before you begin online dating is to ensure that you’re truly single. Dating online is about chances; the more chances you have the less likely you are to find the perfect person. In other terms, the more popular names are more likely it is that you will encounter the same person online.

When you’re online dating You should be aware of your online activities. Certain dating sites require you to include sensitive information such as your address and phone number. This will help you stay safe from unsolicited email and phone calls, but it also could put your security at risk if you give out sensitive information. Additionally, many dating sites will require that you sign up for their in-person chat rooms. It is a great way to meet new people, but you don’t want too much details about yourself to meet the perfect partner.

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This episode of CarPervert is one I’ve wanted to make for a long time, because it is born of car obsession. The car story of London jeweller Russell Lord is a rather unique one. So passionate is Russ about early rwd Escorts, is that he decided to combine his decades of skill as a jeweller and objet d’art maker (he has worked on pieces for so many celebrities but sadly I am not allowed to mention any of them) to create the most detailed scale mk2 Ford Escort rally car ornament using nothing but precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), precious stones (diamonds, sapphires, rubies) and thousands of painstaking hours. And to think it could have all never happened if the Hatton Garden robbers had taken a different safety deposit box.

In this video we study Russell’s hand made Mk2 Ari Vatinen WRC Escort, a solid gold and silver scale model of a Millington race engine and also his latest project – the mk1 1968 Escort, which will be a Lotus twin cam engined car. Please subscribe and tap the bell icon so that when I release the part 2 of this item (where we explore Russell’s collection of real rare Escorts) you will be alerted immediately.

In the meantime here is the full spec so far of both Escort expensive ornaments:

Mk1 Escort aka Bubble
1968 wide arch twin-cam car
208mm long
92mm wide (rear arches)
57mm (without wheels)
90% 925 pure silver, 10% platinum and gold (rear axle)
17 months of work so far (every evening 2hrs and 6hrs+ every saturday) and appropriately 2 years of work left!
Cost of materials so far is
Weight so far… 1.46kg and counting (Average male wedding is 6 grams!).
5000 man hours to finish (estimated).

Mk2 Escort aka Rascal
Based on Ari Vatanen’s LHD works rally car – DKP191T
Ford badge – blue Ceylon Sapphire shaped a cavisham oval.
Rear brake lights – rubies.
Reversing lights – baguette diamonds
Indicators – orange sapphires
Arch protectors and mudflaps – fine black Russian diamonds (approx 650!)
In gearstick knob – round diamond
Headlights (x2) – 70-point diamonds 0.07cts
Bottom spotlights (x2) – diamonds 0.90cts
Top spotlights (x2) – diamonds 1.50cts
Weight approx 1.2kg.
Gearstick is platinum,
Steering rack and track rods yellow 18ct gold
Springs are 18ct pink gold (stronger resistance)
Glass in car is real curved glass diamond cut down from ornamental vases!
VIN plate hand engraved.
Approx £31,000 worth of diamonds alone on the car!
Approx material value in total £80,000
Over 2500 man hours approx.

Huge thanks to Russell Lord (and family) of Lord of London


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Filmed and edited by Mark Taylor-Hankins

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98