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The Internet has been a part of our lives for the last decade. This is true for dating as well. The Internet has opened up dating opportunities to anyone with access to a computer and phone line.

Many people use online dating to make new friends. For some, it is about finding an old acquaintance that they can speak to via phone or face-to-face more quickly. Dating online is for people who want to meet someone fresh and exciting.

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But, just because someone is online dating doesn’t guarantee that they are secure. Since anyone can create an online profile which appears available to meet at any hour and at any time, it’s because anyone can create one. Anyone who goes to an online dating site in search of one person who is single isn’t going to be successful. Not only is it likely that they won’t find the person however, even if they do, they won’t share information like their home address or phone number to anyone they meet online. What can you do to safely and securely meet someone online?

When you are looking for a date online, there are certain things to be aware of. The first thing that you must do before you start online dating is to make sure that you’re truly single. Online dating is about chance. The more chances you have that you have, the less likely it is that you’ll meet the right person. In other words, the more well-known names are more likely it is that you’ll encounter someone with the same name on the internet.

You should also be aware of what you are doing online when you’re on the dating scene. Some dating websites require that you enter sensitive information, such as your address and phone number. While this will protect against receiving unsolicited email and phone calls, it can also put you at risk if you happen to disclose this information. Many online dating sites will require you to sign up for their chat rooms. It’s a great way to meet new people, but you don’t want to provide too much information about yourself to locate the right person.

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“Massage” cards flood the streets and car windows in certain parts of Dubai. It’s out of control and quite embarrassing for tourists. I got sick of seeing them everywhere so I decided to investigate exactly what happens when you call these cards.

Behind these massage cards lurks a big scam too. One that tourists are unlikely to report to the Dubai Police. Luckily some have, so we know how this scam works. It’s called the Black Widow Scam. You call the massage card, and when you get to the therapist’s apartment you’re beaten and robbed.

Please donate to help the victims of trafficking. Sunitha Krishnan is the founder of Hear her speak about the work she does by listening to her TED Talk

Because the video is age-restricted, YouTube asks EU viewers for their ID for age verification. I had no idea. I can’t fix that, it’s some EU mandate. Sorry ? More info:

A CID official at the Dubai Police said about this scam:

“Most of the time, the suspects, including the women, run away after carrying out the crime. But sometimes, they stay in the flats thinking that the victim would not inform the police.”

He added: “The Dubai Police have managed to arrest a number of gangs of African women over such illegal activities. Most of the gangs comprise of three women from African countries, and some of them have men as accomplices. They use massage cards and social media posts to attract men to their trap. The public should avoid such invitations to avoid falling prey to the fraudsters.”

“UAE police warn residents about ‘massage robbery’ gangs”

“Dubai residents face massage cards menace daily”

Please do not use these “massage” services in Dubai. They’re illegal, and now you know the horrible trade behind it.


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