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The Internet has been a major part of our daily lives for the past decade. This is also true for dating as well. Anyone with an internet connection and a phone can now meet love through the Internet.

Many people are using online dating to make new friends. For some it’s about finding an old friend or acquaintance that they can contact on the telephone or face-to-face more quickly. Dating online is for people who want to meet someone new and exciting.

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Do you want to get info concerning escorts greece?

However, just because someone is online dating doesn’t mean that they are necessarily safe. Since anyone can create an online profile which appears open to meet at any time and at any time, it’s because anyone can create one. Anyone who visits an online dating site to meet one person who is single will not be successful. It’s not only likely that they won’t find the person however, even if do, they won’t be sharing information such as their home address or phone number to any person they come across online. How can you ensure that you are able to safely and securely connect with someone on the internet?

If you’re planning to meet online, there are some things you need to be aware of. Before you start online dating, be sure that you aren’t already married. Dating online is all about chance. If you are more likely to meet someone, the less likely it is that you’ll find the perfect person. The chances of meeting someone with the same name online are higher when it’s a popular name.

Also, you must be aware of what you’re doing online when you’re dating. Certain dating sites require that you provide sensitive information such as your address and telephone number. This can help you avoid unsolicited email and phone calls but it also could put your security at risk should you disclose sensitive information. Many dating websites require you to join their chat rooms. While it is a good method to connect with other people, you don’t want to give too much information about yourself in the hopes of meeting someone special.

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It is often called the oldest profession in the world – prostitution. Should it be banned or…

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It is often called the oldest profession in the world – prostitution. Should it be banned or regulated like other businesses? In Europe there are a few countries where it is forbidden, such as Finland and Romania but without penalising those who use the services of a prostitute.

For it is the clients and not the prostitutes who are the core of the business.

“You have to cut off evil at the root. Prostitution flourishes and is maintained by customers and the only way to hit the business is with a change of outlook and that is to punish the root of it, the client,” opined Rosen Richer, a former prostitute

There are five countries in Europe which impose punishments. Sweden, Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom but only if the person is forced into prostitution – human trafficking is an example of that. Slovakia has penalties of up to ten years in prison.

Since 1999 Sweden has been at the forefront of curbing prostitution, punishing paying for sex with imprisonment of at least six months and with fines imposed in proportion to the person’s income.

It has proved an effective weapon, say the police, in the fight against human trafficking.

“Things have definitely changed because all the customers that come here know that there’s the risk that there are some police officers sitting somewhere,” said Per Hjort who is a police inspector in Sweden.

The result is that almost 5,000 men have often just been detained for questioning and not imprisoned. The fear is the law has driven customers to go online where sex is on offer.

In contrast, five countries have regulated prostitution. Denmark since 1999 while the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Greece also regulate it.

In Switzerland prostitution is considered a fully fledged economic activity and permitted from the age of 16.

In Zurich a drive-in-for-sex has just opened in a bid to better-regulate the business. It is run by the city authorities.

“In the last few years the problem has increased and in particular when we saw Romanians being forced into it. The situation deteriorated and so we had to find a solution,” said Michael Hertzig of the Social Services Department.

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