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In the last decade over the past decade, the Internet has become a element of our lives. This is also true for dating as well. The Internet has opened up dating opportunities to anyone with access to computers and a phone line.

Many people turn to dating websites as a means to meet different people. For some it’s about finding an old friend or acquaintance who they can talk to on the telephone or face-to-face more easily. Online dating is for those who are looking to meet someone new and exciting.

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But even if someone is online, it doesn’t mean they are safe. It’s because anybody could create an online profile that makes it seem that they are available to meet anytime. That implies that anyone who logs to a dating site searching for a one in ten chance of meeting person won’t find them. It is unlikely they will meet the person they are searching for, and even in the event that they do, they won’t provide any personal details like their phone number or address to anyone they meet online. What can you do to safely and securely meet someone online?

If you’re planning to date online, there are certain things you should be aware of. Before you start online dating, be sure that you aren’t already married. Dating online is all about chance; the more chance you have the less chance you are to find the perfect person. The odds of meeting someone who has the same name on the internet are higher when it’s a popular name.

You also need to be aware of what you’re doing online while you are on the internet dating. You may be required to provide sensitive information, such as your address and phone number on certain online dating sites. While this can guard you from receiving unwanted emails and calls, it also puts you at risk in the event that you divulge this information. Also, a lot of dating sites will require to sign up in person chat rooms. While it is a good way to interact with others however, you shouldn’t reveal too much information about yourself with the intention of meeting someone special.

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Τα πρωτάκια του 4ου Δημοτικού Κερατσινίου έμαθαν τις μέρες της εβδομάδας ζωγραφίζοντας και τραγουδώντας.

Από τα “Λάχανα και χάχανα” — Οι μέρες της εβδομάδας

Η καλή κυρά εβδομάδα ,
βγάζει βόλτα στη λιακάδα
τα εφτά της τα παιδάκια
μες στου χρόνου τα δρομάκια .

Πρώτη πάει η Δευτέρα ,
με στυλάκι και αέρα.

Πίσω προχωρά η Τρίτη,
πηδηχτούλα σα σπουργίτι.

Και ακολουθεί η Τετάρτη
πάντα έτοιμη για πάρτυ!

Να κι η Πέμπτη στη σειρά της,
με την αλογοουρά της.

Κι η Παρασκευή ναζιάρα,
που κρατάει και μια κιθάρα.

Και ξωπίσω το Σαββάτο,
αταχτούλι και κεφάτο.

Τέλος, να κι η Κυριακή,
μ’ ένα κόκκινο βρακί!

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